SBI Mobile Number Change Request Approval Form

Welcome to website, we are here to help you to change registered mobile number using SBI mobile number change request approval form.

State bank of India is the largest public banking sector with over 15000 branches in India. It offers a wide range of banking services and products to retail and corporate customers. OnlineSBI is the internet banking portal where a user can access their bank accounts at anytime, anywhere in the world. In this article, we have featured about SBI Mobile Number Change Request Approval Form Online

SBI Mobile Number Change Request Approval Form

Security is the main factor when you are using Mobile Banking & Net Banking. Mobile Number is mandatory to make online transactions like Funds Transfer, Online Shopping etc. because it will send a security code to your registered mobile number of SBI (State bank of India) Account to complete the transaction. If you want to change the registered mobile number follow the below steps.

How to Change  Mobile Number  in SBI

Changing your mobile number in SBI can be done in 2 ways

  • Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form
  • Using SBI Online Net Banking

Follow the below steps to change registered Mobile number of your SBI Account.

  1. Log in to the official website of State bank of India. Here is the Link Online SBI.
  2. After click on “Continue to Login” to continue the Login Process.

sbi mobile number change request approval form3. Enter your Login ID and Password in their Respective fields and Click on Login Button.

change mobile number in sbi online

4. Navigate to the Profile Tab in the navigation of SBI Online Portal.

how to change sbi mobile number in net banking

5. Enter into “Personal Details”. Then Enter your “Profile Password” to Continue the Process Further.
sbi mobile number change

SBI Mobile Number Approval Form Online

6. Here you have two options to change your registered Mobile Number, One is “Through Your Branch” and another one is “Through OTP / ATM / Contact Centre”.

How to change sbi account mobile number

7. If you want to change mobile number in SBI online, Choose the second option it will send you an OTP to your New Mobile Number. Enter the OTP and click on Submit to complete the process.

change sbi account mobile number

8. And Also You can change your State Bank account Mobile Number by downloading SBI phone number change request form and submitting the SBI Mobile Number Approval form at your SBI Branch. This form is generated from your Online SBI Account.

If you have any queries regarding this procedure, please Comment below.

Comments 20

  • i am getting all of them but the error was that no accounts mapped on this username

  • Can I submit mobile no approval form through registered post.

  • Dear,
    i received above all process successfully. but i have one issue my old mobile number is not working.
    i select By OTP on both the mobile number : but as per this process i received massage both mobile number OTP and Reference number.
    but i received massage (OTP & Reference number) only on my new mobile number, because of my old number is not working.

    then what can i do ?.

    We have received your request for Mobile number change/ update in Bank’s database. Kindly follow the guidelines below to complete the process :

    1.If you have chosen By OTP on both the mobile number :

    Then you will receive the OTP along with reference number on old and new mobile number.
    You need to send SMS from BOTH (old and new) mobile numbers in following format ACTIVATE to 567676 within 4 hrs. e.g. ACTIVATE 12340078 UM12051566321.

    • you should visit your branch with valid id proof and passbook, this will surely help you to change your mobile number. Thanks for asking.

  • Hi,

    I’m residing out side of India and I’ve initiated change in mobile number through online banking. I can’t attend to branch in person so can I email bank/branch manager with my Identification and the form to address change in mobile number with signatures? If so, please advise “how to” to check SBI Branch email addresses.

    Much appreciated.

  • Hi,i get differwnt otp’s with same ref number on both numbers..when i send them to 567676 respectively its not working and the status is failure..suggest me something…pls

  • Sir I am already out of india
    Can I change mobile number
    Registered email address
    I am waiting reply

  • Sir
    Can I change mobile number through
    Regestered email address
    So I am out of india My number already registered Oman number but I want change india nhmber possible ya not possible any other option
    Reply me

    • Please write a handwritten letter requesting to change the mobile number with all the current problems you have to do this physically along with your details and signature to your bank manager. Doing this could help you find a way to change your mobile number.

  • Hi , i need to change my SBI core baking number. I sent a written request to branch but they have not updated. Even i mailed to the branch no response. Can you guide me how can be update this.

  • Hello,

    I want to change my mobile number as my old number is not active. I can’t visit branch as I am outside India. I have applied for mobile number change through online. Now what else i need to do in order to change my number.


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