SBI holiday Calendar List 2017

Welcome to, here we have listed out all the holidays State Bank of India SBI Holiday Calendar list 2017. So you can easily know about working and non-working days.

These bank Holidays are decided based on central government, State Government and Some Union Territories in India. Apart from National Holidays like Republic day (Jan 26th), Independence Day (Aug 15th), Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2nd) etc. every state is having their regional festivals for these days holidays are decided by the state Government. As per the RBI Negotiable Instruments Act {N.I.Act} Holidays for State Bank of India (SBI) for the year 2017 are listed below. These are also known as “gazetted holidays under N.I.Act”.

sbi holiday calender list 2017

We have listed the State bank of India SBI Holiday Calendar List  2017 including 2nd Saturdays and 4th Saturdays so that you can find SBI bank today open | closed today.

SBI Holiday Calendar List to Check bank Open or Closed Today

DATE DAY Reason For Holiday
1-Jan-16 Sunday Sunday
8-Jan-16 Sunday Sunday
14-Jan-16 Saturday Second Saturday
15-Jan-16 Sunday Sunday
22-Jan-16 Sunday Sunday
26-Jan-16 Thursday Republic Day
28-Jan-16 Saturday Fourth Saturday
29-Jan-16 Sunday Sunday
5-Feb-17 Sunday Sunday
11-Feb-17 Saturday Second Saturday
12-Feb-17 Sunday Sunday
19-Feb-17 Sunday Sunday
24-Feb-17 Friday Mahashivratri
25-Feb-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
26-Feb-17 Sunday Sunday
5-Mar-17 Sunday Sunday
11-Mar-17 Saturday Second Saturday
12-Mar-17 Sunday Sunday
13-Mar-17 Monday Holi
14-Mar-17 Tuesday Holi (Dulehdi)
19-Mar-17 Sunday Sunday
26-Mar-17 Sunday Sunday
2-Apr-17 Sunday Sunday
5-Apr-17 Wednessday Ram Naumi
8-Apr-17 Saturday Second Saturday
9-Apr-17 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti
10-Apr-17 Monday Hazrat Mohd Birthday
14-Apr-17 Friday Good Friday
Ambedkar Jayanti
16-Apr-17 Sunday Sunday
22-Apr-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
23-Apr-17 Sunday Sunday
30-Apr-17 Sunday Sunday
7-May-17 Sunday Sunday
10-May-17 Wednessday Budha Purnima
13-May-17 Saturday Second Saturday
14-May-17 Sunday Sunday
21-May-17 Sunday Sunday
27-May-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
28-May-17 Sunday Sunday
4-Jun-17 Sunday Sunday
10-Jun-17 Saturday Second Saturday
11-Jun-17 Sunday Sunday
18-Jun-17 Sunday Sunday
24-Jun-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
25-Jun-17 Sunday Sunday
26-Jun-17 Monday Id ul Fitr
2-Jul-17 Sunday Sunday
8-Jul-17 Saturday Second Saturday
9-Jul-17 Sunday Sunday
16-Jul-17 Sunday Sunday
22-Jul-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
23-Jul-17 Sunday Sunday
30-Jul-17 Sunday Sunday
6-Aug-17 Sunday Sunday
7-Aug-17 Monday Raksha Bandhan
12-Aug-17 Saturday Second Saturday
13-Aug-17 Sunday Sunday
15-Aug-17 Tuesday Independence Day
20-Aug-17 Sunday Sunday
26-Aug-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
27-Aug-17 Sunday Sunday
2-Sep-17 Saturday Id ul Juha
3-Sep-17 Sunday Sunday
9-Sep-17 Saturday Second Saturday
10-Sep-17 Sunday Sunday
17-Sep-17 Sunday Sunday
21-Sep-17 Thursday Muharram
23-Sep-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
24-Sep-17 Sunday Sunday
29-Sep-17 Friday Mahanaumi
30-Sep-17 Saturday Vijya Dashmi
1-Oct-17 Sunday Sunday
2-Oct-17 Monday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi
8-Oct-17 Sunday Sunday
14-Oct-17 Saturday Second Saturday
15-Oct-17 Sunday Sunday
19-Oct-17 Thursday Deepawali
20-Oct-17 Friday Goverdhan Puja
21-Oct-17 Saturday Bhaiya Duz
22-Oct-17 Sunday Sunday
28-Oct-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
29-Oct-17 Sunday Sunday
4-Nov-17 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti
5-Nov-17 Sunday Sunday
11-Nov-17 Saturday Second Saturday
12-Nov-17 Sunday Sunday
19-Nov-17 Sunday Sunday
25-Nov-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
26-Nov-17 Sunday Sunday
1-Dec-17 Friday Milad Un Nabi
3-Dec-17 Sunday Sunday
9-Dec-17 Saturday Second Saturday
10-Dec-17 Sunday Sunday
17-Dec-17 Sunday Sunday
23-Dec-17 Saturday Fourth Saturday
24-Dec-17 Sunday Sunday
25-Dec-17 Monday X-mas Day
31-Dec-17 Sunday Sunday


Above is all the holiday list for state Bank of India. If you have any queries regarding the provided holidays list, please feel free to contact us through the comments section below.

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