Quick Transfer Funds Without Adding Beneficiary

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India with a huge customer base. To provide services to everyone, SBI has branches and ATM’s everywhere in India. This will help customers to get their work done very quickly. With additional to that, State bank came up with Quick transfer funds in sbi online.

We can send money to another account without adding them as payee. We can simply send money to anyone instantly without waiting for 8 hours for the beneficiary. Customers can now send money instantly without any hassle.

sbi quick transfer money to any account without adding beneficiary

With this SBI quick transfer of money, you can send money not only from SBI to SBI but also to any other bank you want the money to transfer to. This process is also trusted one as it’s the Government one. Adding to this, there are additional charges for transferring the money. SBI quick transfer limit per day is upto to Rs 5000. SBI quick fund tranfer timings is 24X7 and 365 days and there are no charges for fund transfer.

Steps to Quick Transfer funds in SBI Internet banking(onlinesbi.com):

If you want to transfer money from your SBI account to any other bank account, check the below guide on how to transfer money in SBI online without adding the beneficiary.

  • Open the Online SBI website
  • in your browser.
  • In the login section, enter your username and password and login into your account.sbi quick Funds transfer online login
  • In the left column, check the payment/transfer section. In that section, Quick transfer option will be visible in the third column of the table. This will be under the payment/receipts to send money online.
  • Now the page will be loaded to the one where it will ask for the beneficiary details.
  • Fill the required details on the page. The details you need to fill on the page includes beneficiary name, account number and branch details of the beneficiary.
  • Now select the SBI quick transfer online payment method.quick money transfer in sbi online
  • Here you will get the option to choose whether you want to send the money to SBI account or any other account. If you want to send the money to SBI account, click on Within SBI or if you want to send money to another bank, select the Inter bank transfer.
  • Enter the IFSC code of the beneficiary account you want to send the money to.
  • Now you need to select the transfer mode to NEFT from the pull-down menu.
  • In the next column, enter the amount you want to transfer. Note that the money you want to transfer can’t be exceeded more than Rs 5000.
  • Tick the box where it says that you agreed to all terms and conditions and click on submit.sbi quick money transfer limits
  • After clicking on submit, the page will be loaded to another page where you just need to confirm the details and proceed.
  • Now, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile of your bank account. Enter the OTP in the required box and click on enter.
  • If you didn’t receive OTP, then will have the option to confirm the payment using the password. Just enter the password and click on Enter.
  • You will be loaded to a page which reads as Transaction successful. Note down the reference number it shows. It will be useful when you want to check the details of the transaction in the future.

Your money will be transferred in just 2 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. All it takes is just 2 minutes in order to send money to anyone you wish to. This  quick transfer funds in sbi online is being used widely now due to the easy way of transferring money as there are no quick transfer timings and charges.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about SBI Quick Money Transfer Online

1 Q. What are SBI Quick Transfer timings?
  A. SBI Quick transfer does not have any specific timings, it can be done at anytime in day.State Bank of India is providing
     Quick transfer 24/7 365 days.
2 Q. How much amount can be sent using sbi quick transfer?
  A. Quick transfer limit is 5000/-rs per day i.e a maximum of 5000/- can be sent in a day.
3 Q. How much does sbi charge for Quick Transfer
  A. There are no charges for Quick transfer of funds using SBI ONLINE

If you have any queries related to the above article, then please do comment below in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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