How To Apply For SBI Debit Card Online

Now enjoy the freedom of cashless shopping with State Bank of India debit card. For getting an atm card or debit card you can register through online or if you want much convenience you can go to a State Bank of India nearest branch and do all the paper formalities which may take your whole day or more. In this article, I will provide you all the information need step by step in a very quick but detailed way about how to apply for an SBI Atm cum debit card online.Let’s get started from the basic rather than jumping into the conclusion.

{Update : Application form is no longer available} Download SBI debit card application form: here 

You can use the above form to register or replace your old debit card for a new card.

Steps to apply for SBI debit card online(SBI NET BANKING):

STEP 1: Make a net banking account which is very necessary

STEP 2: Go to portal login with your id and password

STEP 3: In the top of the menu click e-Services tab

STEP 4: Find the option ATM Card Services from the left bottom of your screen and then click Request ATM/Debit Card

STEP 5: Select how you are comfortable with any of the verification options by using a profile password or OTP (one-time-password)

STEP 6: If you have selected profile password way then I don’t need to mention it’s very easy just enter the password and proceed

Now if it is done through a one-time password method then type your SBI registered mobile number and wait for the SMS with a password. Then submit the password and proceed.

STEP 7: Next screen must be showing all the details about your account (account numbers, branch details etc.)

STEP 8: There are two types of account option either primary or secondary, select primary account and fill accordingly.

STEP 9: Now enter your card name i.e., SBI ATM CARD. Next, choose the type of the card.

STEP 10: Tick the little box of the terms & condition (no one reads it) and submit.

Your process is successful only when the success message appears, SBI is going to deliver your card within a week to your registered address.

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If you are wondering about how to get a new SBI debit card online then follow the same steps. And do not worry about SBI debit card charges it is very affordable.

Some of the other main charges are:

  1. SBI offers opening an account with nil balance, same applies with your Rupay Classic debit card. On other cards charges may apply.
  2. Annual maintainance charges will be activated after 2years onwards.
  3. For online money transfer through IMPS service tax is charged in different categories. For RS. 1 lakh Rs. 5 service tax will be charged; for amount above RS. 1 lakh and up to RS. 2 lakh, RS. 15 plus service tax will be charged; and for above RS. 2 lakh of amount upto RS 5 lakh, RS. 25 plus service tax will be charged.
  4. 30 plus government service tax will be charged from a customer having Basic Savings Bank Deposit for a cheque book of 10 leaf and for a cheque boo of 50 leaf, RS. 150 plus government service tax wll be charge.
  5. SBI mobile wallet State Bank Buddy customers will be charged RS. 25 on everytime they transact via ATM
  6. Soiled note exchanging won’t look easy until you get the calculation right. For exchanging amount upto RS. 5000 SBI does not take any charges. But amount more than RS. 5000 will be charged as RS. 2 per soiled note or RS 5 on per RS 1000 plus government service tax.
  7. Cash withdrawl for a customer having Basic Savings Bank Deposit is free upto four withdrawls per month including ATM. After the four withdrawls service tax of RS. 50 will be charged at SBI Branch and service tax of RS. 20 will be charged on withdrawl from other bank.

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